Basketball Clothing Fabric Characteristics, Basketball Clothing What Fabric Is Good?

- Apr 10, 2018-

Basketball is a sport in which the upper body touches more than the upper body. The contact of the lower body is limited to the buttocks. In terms of sports characteristics, it is a sport with strong confrontation, strong extension, and large movement. Based on this feature, the characteristics needed for basketball apparel fabrics can be derived.

Basketball clothes fabric

First, the elasticity must be good and the tear resistance is good. Must also have strong wrinkle resistance. In such a strong confrontational game, the energy that the athlete broke out is unthinkable. It is very likely that after a dunk, it will be ripped off. If the quality is not good, it will be very embarrassing. And it's not easy for some pitchers to look for shooting vacancies. Sometimes they have to go through several pick-and-rolls to get the floor in this shot, so flexibility must be better.

Second, the ability to absorb moisture is stronger. Although there are air-conditioners in the gymnasium, each shot will take a lot of physical energy and sweat. The feeling of sweat leaving the body is not very good. Although you can wear a personal sweat-absorbent vest, but the same basketball fabric must also have the effect of sweat absorption and ventilation, to provide athletes with a comfortable exercise state.