The Historical Evolution Of Basketball Clothes

- Apr 10, 2018-

From the day of the birth of basketball

The uniform has become an indispensable equipment to participate in it.

It has undergone 100 years of continuous progress

It became what we see today

Let's go through time and space

Take a look at the historical evolution of basketball clothes

The earliest basketball player plays

It's totally tailored to your liking

"Isn't it a match?"

Vests, sandals, trousers, thick shirts

That time the next one

There is no specification

Although this freedom meets the player's own aesthetic

However, accidents often occur on the court

The other team’s players are wearing today and are very similar to our team.

When you pass, you will understand

To avoid this phenomenon

Uniformly recognizable uniform appeared

(1920~1940) Shorts appeared

Basketball clothes before this period

More trousers and long cashmere shirts

Basketball like this intense exercise will be relatively hot

Breathing becomes an urgent need

Sports pullover shorts replace the previous clothes

Style modelled on football and rugby design

(1940~1960) light and breathable synthetic fibers appeared

The emergence of new raw material polyester nylon

Light and breathable, easy to clean

More suitable for a ball suit

Style is similar to current track and field clothing