Why Do Street Fashion Brands Choose To Cooperate With Football?

- Apr 10, 2018-

When the street skateboard brand merges with football, it is a very interesting thing. Recall that a few years ago, it was hard to see a skateboarding hip-hop male who appeared on the street wearing a football shirt. Such elements were difficult to join the skater look.

However, with the advancing of the times, fashion is more likely to be different, and different styles are facing each other, colliding and colliding with each other, leading to a new definition of the trend, which has become the new trend of the 20th century.

When faced with trend x football elements, how to match? Men who like the retro atmosphere of the 60s and 70s mainly use the brand name of the manufacturer or the fresh aesthetics of the sponsors on the clothing, and take a simple and low-key route.

Hierarchy of hippie outfits, with a vintage football outfit, adds to the overall sense of the fashion trend. A while ago, the topic of the Fashion Week show and the side street shooting was quarrelsome, but quickly caught the modern youth with street fashion. The trend of people is, after all, a point that cannot be ignored.

Soccer links music, fashion and politics. Perhaps they have never really converged, but they enter each other's tracks with different points of entry and collide with a wonderful street wear scene.