Will Football Uniforms Become The Key Trend In The Next Season?

- Apr 10, 2018-

Peripheral items such as jerseys, ball caps, etc. may have changed from the fan's symbol of simply worshipping idols into an important element of outfit and trend. The focus of the jersey's news is that the NBA jersey partners from the original Adidas to NIKE, in addition to this incident, taking the retro wave, this street force is bound to be gradually unearthed - "soccer jacket"!

American sportswear has long been part of street wear! However, besides Jordan, basketball clothing, baseball caps, and college T, the classic representative items repeatedly appeared on celebrities and street bloggers, the recent “soccer jacket” has gradually appeared in the fashion circle, and the acceptance of sportswear by the public has become wider. Now.

This wave of fashion has taken the lead in countries such as Europe, the United Kingdom and Latin America. It has also been welcomed by the global trend during SS18 Men's Fashion Week.

Why is football sportswear a symbol of popular culture?

What's behind football fashion? We can learn about the positioning and iconicness of football uniforms in pop culture from designer and jersey enthusiast Neal Heard, who has spent 25 years writing the jersey guide “A Lover’s Guide to Football Shirts”!

Football is definitely one of the most popular sports. This popular sport has spread all over the world. Worship and followers are everywhere. Using colors and styles to present the appearances of different countries and customs, the representative colors of a country are linked to the emotions among the people and clearly tell others where I come from!

The heat of this vintage football can not be ignored. Like basketball, following the worship and affection of the idol player to the clothing accessories, with the increasing emphasis on the major brands, then the joint name, design, can not help but can see this stock just started The trend will be in full swing Huaihuan in the streets.